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How is the sound quality of the audio system of Skoda Rapid? Like in general, resale value depends on the body and engine condition and no. 15,456 per month @ 10.5% for a tenure of 60 months. The resale value of Skoda cars is good, but a bit lower than the established brands like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors, as it doesn’t have wide service network and reach across the country. You will definitely get a good resale amount for rapid like other of skoda cars. Resale value is bad. BUT.I own 1.6 TDI since 2012 (and I don't feel the need to resale!) Your reply to the question is going to benefit hundreds to make a buying decision! When I bought the car in 2012, the service cost was huge. As my car is under warranty, will I need to pay for it? I am careful anyway on speedbreakers so thats not an issue for me. But thats because I push the vehicle to its limits. Head-on, the Rapid is a Fabia but get a little bit of angle into your view and the elongated hood shows its dimensions and melts into a sleek cabin culminating in the well-integrated boot. Repair costs high. Our full range of ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback reviews are provided by me and GoAuto Media and will be updated throughout 2021. At that price, it undercut many sub-4 metre sedans as well as premium hatchbacks. Does the Tire size affect the handling and ride quality? They have a car that looks better, sports a fast name and should interest quite a few. 2019-09-09. If you use it normally, there is hardly any wear and tear in short term. Platform sharing is one thing but most automotive companies that own multiple brands under their umbrellas end up selling the same car with different badging. is there an automatic Skoda Rapid available in India? 2015-23-06. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts. What is the tyre pressure for Skoda Rapid? Pricing will be crucial and expect the Rapid to cost slightly lower than the Vento variant by variant. It came equipped with a. What are the improvements in new Skoda Rapid ? Should I buy Active 1.5 TDI model? Whereas, if you are looking for an stylish and affordable sub-4 meter sedan with a host of convenience features then the Tigor would be a better pick. So what you have with the Rapid is a car that delivers the same quality in its underpinnings as other Skodas – big or small. I have got mileage 18 Km/ lit to 26.4Km/ lit on country roads and highways (four-way and eight ways). Available Models of Skoda Cars in India - Listing of Skoda Cars 2014-07-05, Diwakar    Skoda Rapid It all started with our desire to buy a new car. My suggestion is instead of paying such amount you can go for DIY solutions. 2017-19-05. If you’re not paying close attention it may seem so, but look deeper and distinct differences begin to emerge. A fair-enough conditioned Skoda Rapid can fetch minimum 6 lakhs and the amount varies. Your question has been submitted. Loud diesel engine. Extremely comfortable to drive and commute.One gets a real luxury feel in this car.Though the engine produces a roaring sound which one can hear only if the windows are slided down, But the cabin sound is minimum.You don't feel any vibrations even at speeds beyond 120 kmph.It's a very responsive car and it could be handled with surgical precision.A sturdy vehicle built to last long.Now my odo just past 202000 mark, And i feel the car is as fresh as it was on the first day.Service interval is comfortable at 15000 kms / one year, May cost you about 12000-15000 minimum.It gives a pretty good mileage, On highways, If you maintain 50-60 kmph, You can even get up to 24-25 kmpl.If you maintain 80 kmph, You can expect to get 19-20 kmpl.The build quality is superb.Painting lasts long.Even after seven years and more than 200000 kms, My car is shining as ever.After sales service is pretty good, But such service centres are really scattered; and if you have to replace some parts, Which will sure be a very infrequent event, You may have to wait for even 30-45 days some times! Which is better option Honda Amaze or New Rapid? We drove both cars for about 200km each through a route of mixed terrain and road conditions near Jaipur in Rajasthan and the diesel was way more efficient than the petrol with gear ratios that not only make the car driveable but enable one to sneak out superior performance as well. Buy 7 Used Skoda Kodiaq Cars available for sale online in India. You even get rear air con vents and a front passenger seat that can be adjusted from the rear bench as well. 7 Speed DSG gear box is one of the best in india very refined but noisy. Shop with confidence on eBay! 45% of users have given a rating of 4.5 and above. Largest collection of pre owned cars for sale. Skoda Rapid BS6 Model Launched and is introduced in … but 0% noise is audible inside the cabin. It’s priced from 7.99 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 13.29 lakh for the top-spec Monte Carlo AT variant. In fact, the Yaris has done a good job of cutting out a niche for itself. Is the Skoda Rapid a good car in terms of its ride quality, handling and performance on regular as well as rough roads? 2016-13-01. While the transition for the Vento from the Polo wasn’t too far fetched, the car that was being termed the ‘Fabia sedan’ is clearly apart from the Skoda hatchback. 20 December 2020: Check Latest Used Skoda Rapid Cars in India (85 results). this is a major drawback of this vehicle.These german cars are not market leaders in providing extra features like how makers like hyundai would give; they tend to follow lazily the korean or japanese car makers who are the market leaders in providing extra features, But the cars they make are really wonderful if you are that type who would enjoy the pleasures of comfortable and luxury driving. 2017-04-10. 7.99 Lakh to 13.29 Lakh in India. 2018-09-10. Find all new SKODA cars for sale in Singapore. I have driven my car 90k Kms in last 7 years. 13.29 Lakh. All in all, a perfect driver's car Cons: 1. Whether Skoda is planning to relaunch Fabia in India? Some of Australia's most popular family cars are proving unpopular when it comes time to trade in. Well, the Skoda Rapid comes with a fair list of features with some shortcomings. Why doesn’t my Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.5 TDI have seat belt warning? Swapan K Bagchi    Now its comparable to a honda or a hyundai. Also, my skoda service is every 15k Kms and compared to Maruti etc that services in 10k Kms, the cost of ownership is about same as your vehicle is on road longer before the next service is due. This crystal cut in the boot signifies quality for Skoda in PR speak, but regardless, gives the rear good character. 2017-21-10. The cabin insulation, the premium interior trim/upholstery quality, and the sublime ride comfort make this a great car for a wide range of buyers. Service network. What is onroad price of Skoda Rapid in India? This naturally pushes down resale values of the cars with poor mileage. 2018-22-04. The car rides like a … My Skoda Rapid 1.6 petrol is delivering only 6 kmpl mileage in city traffic conditions, how do I improve it? It will offer you great performance, and decent fuel efficiency as well. 2014-15-05. I can’t spend much money on the maintenance of Skoda Rapid, but I love this car. It is android based and quite complicated to use as compared to the City unit. You should be a passionate of cars to own this DSG automatic. Wonderul drive experience 2. 2018-23-02. Sukhmani    With the revised looks, more powerful engine and added features, it surely needs to be on the top of your consideration list. What are the up and downsides of Skoda Rapid? Will updated model of Skoda Rapid with revised tail lights launch in India in 2018? Other factors like fuel efficiency and engine refinement also play a vital role in deciding the Skoda resale value. As a long time user, I still feel proud of riding my rapid even after 7 years. The top 3 competitors of Skoda New Rapid are Volkswagen Vento, Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. Parineeta    23 Dec 2020 - Currently, 40 Used Skoda Rapid in Bangalore are available for sale online. 59,307 for 6 years. Skoda Rapid being a good car has low resale value due to its high maintenance cost and not easily serviceable outside Skoda Service centers. Use this depreciation calculator to forecast the value loss for a new or used SKODA. If we talk about Skoda Rapid, it misses out on some creature comforts and space when you compare it to its rivals but it undercuts most of them in price too. In fact, if you wanted the Corolla Altis and didn’t have the budget for it, the Yaris matches the experience on most counts and even betters it on some (ride, for example).The Tata Nexon has become an even stronger contender than before. Used Skoda Rapid Price As per Orange Book Value (OBV) used Skoda Rapid car price starts from ₹5,95,713. Vijay Rathore    Get Best Price, Instant Payment & Free RC Transfer, Save upto 75%* on Vehicle Insurance Premium, Compare & Save Big* on Family Health Insurance. We also break the numbers down by specs, including transmission, fuel-type, bodyshape and transmission. But now it has come down with local manufacturing of spares etc. 13.29 Lakh. If you are looking for a compact sedan that boasts brilliant build quality, offers ease of driving with brilliant ride quality and handling dynamics, then the Skoda Rapid could be a great option. Honda engines are good. With the new 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, the Rapid has the potential to be a gamechanger in the C-segment, especially in big cities where it should now be a popular choice. 2018-20-05. Skoda rapid is running perfectly on Indian roads from last few years. The price of Skoda New Rapid starts at Rs. If you're concerned about common faults, problems or issues you may encounter check out our Skoda Octavia problems page. It also comes with climate control, cruise control, auto-dimming IRVM, rain-sensing wipers, LED DRLs, auto-up/down function for all four power windows and keyless entry. The mileage of Skoda New Rapid ranges from 16.24 Kmpl to 18.97 Kmpl. | By Muntaser Mirkar Photography : Kunal Khadse, Tata Altroz 2019 Petrol & Diesel: First Drive, Catching Up With Zac Hollis, Skoda India’s Director Of Sales And Marketing, Skoda Rapid Rider Variant Discontinued In India. The name “Rapid” came from its ancestor the “Rapid (Type 901)”. Prabhat    Real thrill comes when I watch other cars vanishing in my rear view mirror fantastic car for racing. A fair-enough conditioned Skoda Rapid can fetch minimum 6 lakhs and the amount varies. Get Certified Second Hand Skoda Rapid Cars in Pune at best prices. What's the mileage of Skoda Rapid 1.6 petrol AT? The price depends on the condition of the car and engine, number of kilometers driven and on the age of the car. Also worth noting that the alarm system needs to be replaced every six years, at a cost of $411 - that might need to be considered in your resale value estimates. This includes free car check-up and a car wash. All in all, the Rapid is expected to incur an estimated service cost of Rs. Earlier I used to spend about 12-15k in 2012. If you are worried about reliability issues, Skoda is offering a 1 lakh kilometre warranty package with road-side assistance, included in the price of the car. The new ‘Slavia’ could be the new name for the next-generation Rapid in the country. Skoda Rapid user complained about the car being old and outdated, yet more expensive. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride before making the final decision. Prasad Jogalekar    The Skoda Rapid TSI locks horns with the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Verna, VW Vento BS6 and the upcoming 2020 Honda City. Skoda Slavia name trademarked for Indian market. Find good condition second hand Skoda Rapid cars for sale. Skoda New Rapid Skoda New Rapid is a 5 seater Sedan available in a price range of Rs. Yes, it isn’t the most driver-centric car and there have been a few misses, in terms of features and in the sense of space. On a full tank of 55 liters in city driven for 525 kms but still I have half a tank left over. It'll appear post moderation on the site. The 2020 Skoda Rapid is offered in five variants: Rider Plus, Ambition, Onyx, Style and Monte Carlo. Get latest pricing, specifications & photos on new SKODA models. The ex-showroom price of top variant of Skoda New Rapid is 13.29 Lakh (Delhi). The New Rapid has a boot space of 460 litres. 7.99 - 13.29 Lakh *. Second hand Skoda Kodiaq Cars available in two different pricing formats – Fixed Price and Best Offer. The design integration of all the Skoda bits into the Vento body has been carried out flawlessly and what the Czech manufacturer has achieved while doing that is a car that will appeal in its design more to the general Indian populace owing to its more welcoming and softer visual appeal. Asif Khadiri    Our recommendation is that you must definitely check out the Rapid if you list driving pleasure in the top three things you consider before buying a new car. Select year and explore price list of all second hand Skoda Rapid cars and get complete pricing report at … Sourav Sarkar    2017-13-01. How is the overall breaking efficency of Skoda Rapid? Skoda Rapid Maintenance Costs Breakup for Petrol, Diesel Car in India. DSG Gearbox. Vishal chandra    7.99 Lakh and goes upto Rs. Arun Prasanth    Driving dynamics as well as a lot of everyday practical features and yes, that 1-litre engine really changes that equation more than the spec sheet would suggest. The rear end itself is a straight lift from the Vento except for the redesigned tail lamps and another distinct Skoda feature that is making its way into all their cars. But thats because I push the vehicle to its limits. 2014-09-12. 23 December 2020: Check Latest Used Skoda Rapid Cars in Bangalore (21 results). To get the exact confirmation of features, parts and equipment, please get in touch with us. and considering how powerful the engine is, tyres don't last 20k Kms. Skoda Rapid December offer: the brand’s sedan model is being offered with benefits of up to Rs 75,000 this month. Quote: Originally Posted by sabi_swat. The Rapid is powered by a 1.0-litre TSI turbo-petrol engine that develops 110PS of power and 175Nm of torque. Earlier I used to spend about 12-15k in 2012. It sets itself apart by setting new expectations for safety features in the segment and even offers many segment firsts. It covers all the regular stuff till 60,000km. One of the best budget German sedan you can buy with all the comfort and security features only things missing are engine start stop switch and sunroof. The mileage of New Rapid is 18.97kmpl. Ride and handling. Pros: 1. Is the maintenance and spare parts cost of Skoda Rapid is high? What is the difference between the Skoda Rapid 2018 and 2019 model?

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